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IC programmer function description

First, AT89S51, AT89S52 … and another MCU ISP programmer:

51 The study supports in-system programming of AT89S51 and AT89S52. In this function, only three I/O lines of 51 Study need INT0, T0, T1; the schematic diagram is as follows:

In practice, an ISP programming socket is made on the target circuit board, which can be easily programmed. One point to note is that a resistor of about 1K connects in series with the reset pin. As shown below:

Hardware connection:

Use the ISP programming cable, one end connects to the ISP programming socket on the emulation header, and the other end is connected to the target circuit board ISP socket.

For the at89s5x microcontroller, the ISP socket is defined from left to right as +5V, P1.5, P1.6, P1.7, RESET, GND.

For the at90s series of microcontrollers, the ISP socket is defined from left to right as +5V, PB5, PB6, PB7, RESET, GND.

The following is a physical map of the ISP programming socket and programming cable:

Note: After the hardware is connected, enter the 51 Study microcomputer software interface, download the programmer software to the system board and switch to the user program state. If it is reasonable, the system board digital tube displays 89S52
Prog; select the programmer function, set the chip and encryption bit, and then click the auto button, will perform a chip erase, program download, checksum and encryption.
Note: 1. Since int0 controls the communication direction of 485, when int0 is low level, 485 is the receiving direction. At this time, rs232 will not be able to communicate regularly, so use int0, t1, t0 three-line programming at89s5x chip.
At the same time, there can be no 485 interface chip. At the same time, it requires to not connect other circuits (such as LEDs connected) on the three signal lines, so as not to affect the signal level, which causes programming failure.
ISP function, it is recommended to design P1.5, P1.6, P1.7 as outputs in the target board.
Ensure that the power supply voltage is standard. If the target board consumes a small amount of power, you can directly supply power with 51 studies. If the target board consumes a lot of energy, you can use the target board power supply or
51 study and target board respectively supply power.
Second, AT90s2313, at90s8515 … and another single-chip ISP programming:
At90s2313, at90s8515 ISP programming socket production principle is the same as at89s5x, but the resistance R1 should replace by 4.7K. The driver used is at90s2313isp.hex.
Third, AT89C2051 parallel programming:
Need to use at89c2051 extended programming board, programming is parallel, there is a +12V generating circuit on the board. The programming steps are as follows:
Download the program that needs to program to the onboard memory of the learning machine. The programmer can then work off the computer.
When the learning machine displays the status as xxxx CPU, press the UP button (the key-up button of the remote control) to enter the programming interface and display prog.2051.
Place the at89c2051 chip to be programmed.
Press the DOWN button (key-down button on the remote control) to start programming. During the programming process, the LED on the expansion board goes out.
In general, programming takes only about 3 seconds. If it is wrong, the wrong address will promote.
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