SP16 series programmer

SP16 series programmer is a special high-speed programmer for Serial EEPROM / SPI flash newly designed by Shenzhen shuofei Technology Co., Ltd. compared with Sp8 series, the burning speed is faster. Especially for chips with a capacity of more than 32m (SOP16), the burning speed is more than doubled. The new chip burning driving algorithm automatically processes redundant data, and the comprehensive burning efficiency is increased by about 30%. The latest optimized design is adopted for offline data download, which is 5 times faster than Sp8 series. The typical download time of 128M data is only 41s.


Functional features
·USB2.0 communication interface, online mode, no external power supply is required
·The built-in 32-bit high-speed processor is specially designed for serial memory to realize extremely fast and accurate burning. It is the fastest programmer in China at present
·It supports the chip voltage from 1.7V to 5.0V, and the MCU program-controlled voltage can be adjusted accurately
·Support a full range of 93 / 24 / 25 / br90 series memory, support software upgrade, and increase support for new chips
·The unique ISP download interface provides a 10PIN color ISP download line, and the on-board patch chip (such as the computer motherboard BIOS with SPI interface) can be burned directly
·Support 25 series SPI flash chip model detection
·Imported Aries 40 pin zero insertion force locking seat, wide and narrow chip and universal adapter can be used
·Imported parts are used for USB interface / ISP interface / ISP connector to effectively ensure service life and reliability of burning
·Perfect over-current and ESD protection can effectively protect the programmer and computer USB port from accidental damage
·Provide equipment self-test function
·Mass production burning mode, automatically detect chip placement and start programming operation
·The number of programmers can be flexibly configured according to the needs of mass production. Because each programmer is independent, plug and write, there is no synchronous waiting time, and it is extremely fast and efficient
·Offline mode burning function (Note 1): with built-in 512Mbit data memory, various field programming can be realized without connecting to the computer. The LED and buzzer sound prompt success or failure. The operation is simple and easy to realize high-speed burning and writing of chips in large quantities
·There is no need to place master for mass production burning, which effectively eliminates the disadvantages of error prone master copy mode and slow copy speed (Note 2)
·Open mold customized exquisite shell, small size (size: 103x71x23mm), easy to use and carry
·Support WinXP, vista, win7 / win8 (32bit / 64bit)
Note 1: ISP mode does not support offline burning
Note 2: because many programmers do not have built-in memory, they need to place a master chip at the same time to burn offline. This method requires a special adapter, which risks data burning errors due to poor contact. In addition, the copy speed is usually full and the production efficiency is low
High speed burning:
Through the built-in high-speed processor and special hardware design, SP16 series is specially designed for serial flash and EEPROM, and the algorithm is optimized for different chips to realize high-speed and reliable burning. It is the fastest programmer in the industry and a general programmer with a speed of more than thousands of yuan
(take a 128M bit w25q128 as an example, SP16 series programmer: programming + verification = 69.9s, seart 6000 Series: programming + verification = 91s);

Product list:
Programmer host 1 set
One off-line special power supply (Note 1)
1 USB cable
1 ISP cable
1 drive disc (Note 2)


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