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Sp8 series programmer is a professional programmer dedicated to burning serial flash / EEPROM / SPI BIOS memory. Using USB2.0 communication interface, it can support the high-speed burning of almost all 24 / 25 / 93 / br90 series chips. The number and burning speed of serial memory are much higher than most universal programmers with a value of more than 1000 yuan. It has a unique ISP online burning function, Sustainable software upgrades support more chips. Sp8 series adopts professional mold opening customized exquisite shell and leading software and hardware design. Both appearance and internal quality are ahead of other similar products.

sofi sp8-1

Performance characteristics
1. USB2.0 communication interface (real USB interface, non USB to serial port or analog USB port)
2. Open mold customized exquisite shell (not comparable to the public mold shell on the market), small size (size: 103x71x23mm), easy to use and carry, fully support WinXP / Vista / win7 / win8, and be perfectly compatible with 32 / 64 bit system
3. The built-in 32-bit high-speed processor is specially designed for serial memory to realize extremely fast and accurate burning. It is the fastest programmer in China at present
4. Support almost all 93 / 24 / 25 / br90 series memories, support software upgrade, and increase support for new chips
5. The unique ISP download interface provides a 10PIN color ISP download line. The on-board patch chip (such as the computer motherboard BIOS with SPI interface) can be directly wired and burned,
6. Standard 40 pin zero insertion force locking seat, wide and narrow chip and universal adapter can be used
7. Support the detection of poor pin contact to effectively improve the burning reliability
8. Perfect overcurrent and ESD protection can effectively protect the programmer and computer USB port from accidental damage
9. Mass production burning mode, automatically detect chip placement and start programming operation·
Optional offline burning function:
1. The built-in 128Mbit data memory can realize various field programming without connecting to the computer. The sound of LED and buzzer indicates success or failure. The operation is simple, and it is easy to burn chips in large quantities
2. The number of offline programmers can be flexibly configured according to the needs of mass production. Because each programmer is independent, plug and write, there is no synchronous waiting time, and it is extremely fast and efficient
3. Support low voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips
4. Provide equipment self inspection function
Note: the above functions depend on the product model. Only sp8-f has all functions. Refer to the attached model comparison table for details


1. USB2.0 interface, compatible with USB1.1;
2. USB interface power supply, no additional power adapter, more concise to use
3. Special USB2.0 chip, non analog USB or USB to serial port scheme, which can effectively ensure the burning stability and burning speed
4. The built-in ESD protection circuit can effectively prevent the induced voltage of the shell of some computers and the damage of static electricity to the programmer and computer interface, and further improve the chip burning stability and safety.



Built in 32-bit high-speed processor
1. The built-in 32-bit high-speed processor is optimized for SPI flash / Serial EEPROM in hardware
2. The burning sequence of all chips is completed by the built-in processor, which is not affected by the main frequency of the computer
3. High speed processor is an effective scheme to ensure fast burning, and special hardware design is also the premise of speed and stability.


High speed burning
·Sp8 is the fastest programmer in the industry and a general programmer with a speed of more than 1000 yuan
(take an 8m bit en25t80 as an example, sp8-a: read -1.24s, write -5.44s, sylte 580u: read -4.15s, write -9.31s)
·Through the built-in high-speed processor and special hardware design, it aims at serial flash and EEPROM to realize high-speed and reliable burning
·Algorithm optimization for different chips.

Intelligent pin detection
1. The whole series of Sp8 has the function of intelligent pin detection
2. Pin detection can effectively avoid chip burning failure caused by chip pin oxidation, chip placement dislocation and adapter problems, low success rate and effectively improve the burning efficiency
3. Graphical prompt pin contact status, including poorly contacted pins, well contacted pins, unused pins and ignored pins.


Overcurrent / short circuit protection
Built in perfect overcurrent detection / short circuit protection mechanism;
·Effectively protect the programmer from damage in case of wrong chip position, reverse direction, wrong model, chip short circuit or adapter short circuit;
·Don’t worry about burning the chip when the chip is placed in the wrong position, in the opposite direction or in the wrong model selection;
·ISP interface also has overcurrent / short circuit protection function, and can automatically judge the power supply conflict of the target board (or target chip)
40pin universal locking seat
·40pin gold plated locking seat with both width and width is adopted
·It can be directly used for any in-line chip from 8 pin to 16 pin
·You can directly use any general-purpose adapter, whether the pin width is 300mil or 600mil
·Adapters with up to 40 pins can be used directly
At the beginning of the design, Sp8 used a 16 pin locking seat (left in the figure below). During the test, it was found that this locking seat can only support 300ml chips and adapters, while the adapters on the market are basically 600ml wide and cannot be inserted into the 16 pin locking seat, so its use is seriously limited. For these reasons, shuofei technology resolutely revised the mold and adopted a more versatile 40 foot narrow locking seat.


Support for online programming (ISP)
For some SMD chips, ISP can be directly used for burning to avoid the trouble of disassembly and welding
·The Sp8 series comes with a dedicated ISP interface, uses a dedicated chip for buffering, and supports 2.0V ~ 5.5V target board (chip)
·The ISP interface can set whether to supply power to the target board through software, and the power supply voltage is 3.3V or 5V (settable)
·ISP power supply is equipped with overcurrent / short circuit protection function, and automatically detects the power supply of the target board to avoid power supply conflict
·It can be used for online BIOS upgrade of computer motherboard.


Support online / offline mode high-speed mass production
Sp8-b / sp8-f support on-line high-speed mass production. Sp8-f also has off-line mass production function, which is very suitable for factories to burn and write memory in large quantities, which can save a lot of equipment procurement costs and labor costs. Note: sp8-a does not have mass production function.
Characteristics of sp8-f mass production mode
·The programmer automatically detects the chip placement and starts the automatic programming operation.


Powerful supporting software
Chinese interface
·Support WinXP / Vista / win7 and other operating systems, and perfectly support 64 bit operating system
·Support a variety of data file formats, including binary (arbitrary suffix file), hexadecimal, motorola-s, ti-tek, etc
·Multifunctional data buffer editing function, support direct keyboard modification, copy, filling and logical operation. Support hexadecimal display and ASCII display
·Provide chip placement mode, adapter and ISP connection diagram information
·Manual programming and one touch are used to customize the automatic programming (combined operation) function.

Product composition
·One host
·One USB cable
·One 10PIN ISP download line
·One drive disc
·One 5V power adapter (only equipped with sp8-f, and the appearance of power supplies in different batches may be different);




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