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AVR high voltage programmer, high voltage serial USB to serial port, ISP STK500 four in one parallel

  • Feature:AVR high voltage programmer, high voltage serial USB to serial port, ISP STK500 four in one parallel and cheap price
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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Senior engineers design this programmer for software and hardware optimisation. The overall layout is simple and generous. The chip components are machine-welded. The performance is stable and reliable. The four functions are integrated and cost-effective. It is the first choice for AVR chip development engineers.
The high-voltage programmer developed by the company is compatible with Atmel’s official stk500. It supports high-voltage parallel programming, high-voltage serial programming, ISP programming and three USB-to-TTL serial adapters. Supports a fuse bit recovery operation for a chip that cannot perform ISP operation due to a faulty fuse configuration. The ISP programming features are consistent with Atmel’s AVR ISP programmer features, allowing online programming of 3.3V or 5V AVR microcontrollers. The programming speed is fast, and the supported devices are all. The programmer has excellent support for the newly introduced new one-chip computer such as Atmega328P due to the use of the official programming protocol and algorithm. With the Stk500 high-voltage programmer, the product developed with the AVR chip is “immediately strong”, and no longer has to be afraid of using the ISP mode programming after locking the IC due to misoperation, resulting in less economic loss and more significant mental stress. It with the stk500 high voltage programmer. Development AVR chip is simple.

The programmer can use in the latest versions such as AVR Studio V4; V5; V6.2. It can also be used to directly and quickly program the microcontroller soldered on the target board in ISP mode in ICC and CVAVR, BASICAVR and other integrated development environments. The programmer supports the same devices as the official stk500 and supports almost all AVR series microcontroller programming.

There are two lock seats on the programmer that support direct programming of the most commonly used Atmega16 series and Atmega8 series chips. If other programming signal pins encountered with these two series of incompatible chips, the signals can connect through the programming signal terminals. Perform high voltage programming operations on the corresponding pins of the IC.

The PC software supported by the programmer is AVR Studio, the version can be V4.19 or v5.0, v6.1 and the latest version of V7.0.

Five, the answers to frequently asked questions
5.1. What are the advantages of the STK500 programmer compared with the universal AVR-ISP programmer?

In addition to all the functions of AVR-ISP, TX-STK500 programmer also has high-voltage programming mode, which is suitable for high-speed programming of chips and recovery of fuses when locking IC with ISP mode programming errors. For the need to use ISP pin as GPIO, high voltage programming is the only tool that can repeatedly program, because ISP mode can only be programmed and set once. After setting RST pin to IO port, it can no longer use. Programming with ISP, this situation is particularly crucial for 8-pin TINY series microcontrollers (such as ATTINY13A).

The ISP programming algorithm and protocol of STK500 programmer is designed by the government. So it is more reliable. It will not be wrong when configuring the fuse of the new model. The universal ISP programmer will not support or support the new model. The problem, especially when setting the fuse position, will be confusing.

5.2 What are the similarities and differences between STK500 and the official STK500?

STK500 official circuit and communication protocol. Through optimised design, the programming function is the same as the original board, but the cost performance is improved. The improvement part is to use the USB port to complete communication, and the onboard 12V boost circuit, no need to configure external power supply, the original STK500 is RS232 serial port and equipped with a power adapter to work correctly.

5.3. Does the programmer support the target board of 3.3V power supply for ISP programming operation?

TXSTK500 can reliably support 3.3V and 5V power supply systems for ISP programming. If you need to program ISP mode for 2.5V power supply system, please contact the owner for customisation. The standard design of this board supports 3.3V-5V range design.

5.4. How to guarantee the programmer?

The warranty period of the writer is three months. For more than three months, the cost only charges for maintenance. The courier fee for support is AA and each payment pay.

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