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Superpro/7000 programmer

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SUPERPRO/7000 programmer features:
Up to today, it supports 187 manufacturers and 44 624 programmable devices.
Basic performance
SUPERPRO/7000 is the latest professional, intelligent general purpose programmer/burner/burner which inherits the excellent lineage of SUPERPRO family. It supports the number of devices not less than SUPERPRO / 5000 (if you need it urgently, you can contact technical support for quick addition). It is faster to program, and eMMC is up to ten times faster. It supports up to four chip programming simultaneously. The new generation of pin drive technology ensures Higher reliability and quality. USB 2.0 and LAN dual communication interface.
Speed significantly increase compared with SUPERPRO/5000U (eMMC device increase ten times; ordinary NAND increase one time, other devices increase by different ranges).
NOR/NAND FLASH, serial EEPROM/FLASH and other commonly used devices can program up to four chips at the same time (depending on device type and package). The production capacity of the programmer/burner/burner is comparable to that of general programmer/burner/burner at the price of general programmer/burner.
_Supporting devices include (but are not limited to) EPROM, Paged EPROM, parallel and serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration serial PROM, FLASH memory (NOR and NAND,), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, MCU; Supporting packaging includes (but is not limited to): DIP, SDIP, PLCC, JLCC, PGA, LGA, SOIC, SOJ, SOT, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VMQFPT, QFP, LFPT, QFP, QFP, LFP SOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, SSOP, TSSOP, SON, EBGA, FBGA, FTBGA, VFBGA, mu BGA, CSP, SCSP, QFN, HVQFN. All adapters do not need to connect via a DIP lockout socket, so the connection is more reliable.
At the same time, it has a powerful NAND FLASH platform solution library and project support capabilities. NAND FLASH supports dozens of mainstream platforms including (but not limited to) Samsung (XSR 1.0/1.6), Qualcomm, HYNIX (HIGHS), MTK (Solution V1.1), ICERA (v1.0/2.0), ST (7162, 7141, etc.).
AMLOGIC (IF2/0), REALTEK, PICOCHIP, DataLight (Flash FX Pro), Marvell (310/303/920/935… ) Broadcom, ZTE, Intel (CE4100), UBI, LEADCORE (L1809OG), MSR, etc. Fast user project software customization (cycle 1-10 working days).
_144-foot universal drive circuit. Generally, only one adapter is needed to encapsulate different types of chips within 144 feet. Universal adapters ensure fast new device support.
More advanced 9th generation pin drive technology provides cleaner signals, full voltage range, and more accurate and higher frequency clocks. With the precise time sequence generator by the original specifications, it ensures direct support for Vcc devices with various processes ranging from 1.2V to 5V, with higher speed and higher quality rate.
Chip security mechanism. Built-in precision voltage self-calibration circuit ensures that the voltage is within the preset accuracy at any time; self-diagnosis function diagnoses hardware faults at any time to ensure that the machine is in excellent condition; pre-operation automatic detection of chip wrong insertion, back insertion, and poor pin contact; pre-operation inspection of the chip ID code.
Perfect over-voltage over-current and ESD protection function to avoid damage to programmer/burner/burner.
Three working modes.
1) Local mode. Through USB2.0 port (high-speed) communication with local PC, online control realize.
2) LAN mode. Access to local area network to achieve regional or remote control;
3) Offline mode. With the keyboard, LCD and removable memory (SD card), it can run independently offline. It is easy to operate and expand. It is most suitable for mass production in factories. Engineering files (limited by card capacity only) are created and downloaded to SD cards online.
_Socket booster (optional) improves operation efficiency, reduces staff fatigue and prolongs operation life.
Powerful software functions simplify operation, improve efficiency, avoid mistakes, and care for users.
1) Project. The user’s action and settings about the object device, including device model setting, file input, configuration bit setting, batch processing commands, etc. are saved in the engineering file. Each run-time step into the chip writing operation, effectively reducing the probability of misoperation.
2) Batch processing (Auto) command. Users are allowed to organize common command sequences such as erase, empty search, programming, verification, encryption into a single power at will.
3) Production mode. Once the chip is inserted into the socket CPU correctly, the batch command automatically starts without manual keystrokes.
4) Dynamic buffer. Each chip can burn different data. The software can automatically complete data changes according to user requirements, including standard and customized serial number generator (such as MAC address).
5) Log file and production statistics function. Facilitate quality tracking.
6) Intellectual property protection function. SD Card Encryption; Project File Authority Management and Encryption; Production Limitation; Remote Control.
7) Expansion.
8) Support JAM/STAPL Player and Direct C.
9) It supports almost all kinds of known file formats and has an automatic file format recognition function.
10) Bar code management function. By scanning the barcode on the worksheet, a series of work such as loading engineering documents can be accomplished, to avoid human errors in operation.
11) Accept customization of the user’s unique functions and algorithm software.
We provide free technical support and open new device support. General algorithm upgrade is the fastest one working day. Upgrade the software every working day.
Support WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7 32/64 bit.

SUPERPRO/7000 Programmer Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:
PC communication interface: USB2.0 (high speed), LAN (100M) Offline storage media: SD card Ground wire socket Keyboard and display: 6-key membrane keyboard, 20-word X 4-line LCD Power: DC 12V /1.5A. One with a power adapter Host size: 184 x 160 x 78 (mm); Host weight: 0.8Kg Packing size: 310 x 250 x 145 (mm); Packing weight: 1.65Kg Operating temperature range: 0-40 ° C Operating humidity range: 20%-80%
Why choose SUPERPRO/7000
How does SUPERPRO/7000U increase productivity? The SUPERPRO/7000U read/write speed is significantly higher than the SUPERPRO/5000U, and the most top rate is ten times higher than eMMC NAND FLASH. NOR/NAND FLASH, serial EEPROM/FLASH and other conventional devices can operate up to 4 chips at the same time, improving production efficiency. Choose an online extension. Up to 12 machines can be controlled simultaneously via a HUB PC. Select an offline cluster. One person can operate multiple machines at the same time. What is the use of the SUPERPRO/7000U network interface? One difference between the SUPERPRO/7000U and its predecessors is the addition of a network interface. In a LAN, the programmer/writer/writer can share like a shared printer. It accesses to the INTERNET for remote operation, control and management. The technical department can control programming operations and processes from anywhere, including downloading project files, operating command execution, obtaining production status information in real time and managing production. The factory side only needs to replace the chip according to the prompt report of the local display. It does not need or have the right to modify the engineering, operation process, output, and does not need or have the right to view or copy the data file. It is also easy to integrate remote control commands into the user's ERP system. The benefits of the remote control are that the first can improve production efficiency, the second can enhance the quality of production, avoid quality accidents caused by the unskilled operation of the factory, and the third can protect the intellectual property of the designer or solution provider. What intellectual property protection mechanisms does SUPERPRO/7000U have? Network remote management provides the best and adequate protection mechanism. SD card encryption. When you use the password, you can execute the command operation set by the project file, but the data on the card cannot copy. Project file permissions management and encryption. Production limit. If you need to price by copy number and it is not convenient to use remote operation, you can limit the number of programming. When creating a project file, you can select the number of chips that are allowed to be programmed. Once the set number reach, the project file is invalid. To use this feature, you need to encrypt the SD card at the same time.
SUPERPRO/7000 burner specifications:
1. Device support: EPROM, Paged EPROM, parallel and serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration serial PROM, FLASH memory (NOR and NAND), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, MCU, MCU, etc. The voltage is 1.2-5V. 2, package support: DIP, SDIP, PLCC, JLCC, SOIC, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, TSOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, TSSOP, SON, EBGA, FBGA, VFBGA, uBGA, CSP, SCSP, ... 3, online communication interface: USB2.0 LAN. 4. Offline mode: Support offline operation. 5. The power supply: input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC 12V/1.5A power consumption: 15W. 6, the host size: 184 * 160 * 78 mm; Weight: 0.8 kg. 7, package size: 310 * 250 * 145 mm; package gross weight: 1.65 kg. SUPERPRO/7000 burner standard configuration 1. One host, one power supply, one USB2.0 cable, one user manual, one software CD, and one warranty card. 2, optional: adapter, SD card

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