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SUPERPRO/IS02 programmer

  • Feature:IS02 is a professional multi-functional mass-production online chip programmer with eight serial interfaces and one parallel interface,
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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Online Programmer: SUPERPRO/IS02

SUPERPRO/IS02 chip Programmer features:
IS02 is a professional multi-functional mass-production online chip programmer with eight serial interfaces and one parallel interface, which is suitable for on-line burning of many different devices and the same PCB jigsaw on a PCB board. Relying on Xeltek’s powerful device algorithm library, it supports almost all kinds of programmable devices with serial and parallel protocols; it has a small size, fast speed, and high reliability, and meets the long-line application in the industrial field. Driving capability; DLL/API supports the integration of users with ICT/ATE and other devices, constituting the integrated circuit board ICT/ATE+ISP or additional secondary development; on-line operation through USB2.0, LAN or ATE interface; off-line operation with SD card, LCD, keyboard and other local devices.

  1. Mass production ISP programmer, eight serial ISP interfaces and one parallel ISP interface.
  2. ISP is supporting parallel tools such as NOR/NAND FLASH.
  3. Breakneck programming speed and speed can be selected to adapt to cable length and load characteristics of the user board.
  4. It supports both online (USB2.0 high-speed) and offline modes of operation. The standard ATE interface facilitates the process of external ATE devices.
  5. It supports most serial ISP protocols, such as I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232, etc. Based on the powerful device arithmetic library of SUPERPRO general programmer, there are almost no restrictions on the types of supporting devices.
  6. Reliable over-current and ESD protection functions.
  7. Perfect API and DLL facilitate subsequent development and system integration.
  8. The stable and safe design makes it suitable for various applications, such as integration of ISP functions, research, and development of ICT equipment and field programming.
  9. Support network control function.
    SUPERPRO/IS02 hardware functions:
  10. It has eight serial programming interfaces (sequential action of each ISP interface) and one parallel ISP interface. Serial ISP interface supports I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, RS232, CAN, ICC and other serial communication protocols. The parallel interface provides up to 44 I/O lines and supports the same devices such as NOR/NAND FLASH.
  11. Support 1.5V to the 5V target system. It can also supply power for the low power target system.
  12. Providing VDD (0-5.5V/0.5A) and VPP (0-15V/0.2A) output lines can directly supply power to the small load target system.
  13. The long cable driving circuit ensures that the cable is up to 2 meters long and the clock frequency is up to 20 MHz. With ESD protection.
  14. On-line software operates the programmer through USB (2.0 high-speed) interface and 100M LAN interface and manages the off-line engineering files. In the off-line mode, it runs through the LCD screen, 6-key keyboard and LED status display, and uses SD card to store engineering files (up to 16GB).
  15. ATE interface provides the possibility of simple manipulation through external signals. Six engineering selection lines (SEL0 – SEL5) can select from up to 64 engineering files, two command input lines (START and STOP) and three status output lines (PASS, FAIL and BUSY). The external signal and the system are all separated by an optocoupler.
    7.12V-DC/2A system external power input.
  16. The closed detection circuit of the fixture. When the installation use, the detection line is used to start the programming operation when the fixture closes automatically.
    Software function of SUPERPRO/IS02 programmer:
  17. It has a vast library of device algorithms and supports almost all serial chips including MCU, serial EEPROM/FLASH, CPLD, etc. Support protocols include but are not limited to I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, LIN, CAN, RS232, CSI (NEC), SCC (Fujitsu), SBW (TI), ICC (ST), C2 (Silicon Lab), etc. Supporting parallel interface devices such as NOR/NAND FLASH.
  18. Support SPI, I2C, JTAG bus multi-device programming (engineering group concept).
  19. JAM, Staple and Direct C files are supporting CPLD.
  20. Speed can be selected (middle, low and three grades) to adapt to different cable lengths and load characteristics of the user board.
  21. Support dynamic buffer function (each chip burns different content, application examples include a serial number, MAC address, sensor calibration, etc.), modify the open interface.
  22. SD card engineering documents support FAT32, FAT16, and other formats; they can manage by the card reader.
  23. Comprehensive data security and protection functions: engineering document encryption, SD card encryption, output restriction, authority management, etc.
  24. Perfect DLL to facilitate subsequent development and system integration (need authorisation). Typical applications such as ICT integrated ISP. DLL supports VC, VB, LINUX, Labview and other environments.
  25. Great log management function records each operation and results as well as stage statistics, providing a sharp tool for quality management.
  26. Flexible, personalised customisation services. Successful cases: barcode gun management project and operation. Barcode gun dynamic read the barcode. Automatically write barcode to the designated address of the chip and log file.communicate with another device, dynamically read MAC address or sensor calibration value to write to the chip; set output in engineering documents, and hand SD card containing engineering documents to a third party to operate, to achieve automatic loss of engineering documents after setting output. Effectiveness. Suitable for the scheme supplier that collects copyright fee by production.
  27. Standard device algorithm is upgraded free of charge (user target board strictly according to ISP requirements, design ISP interface of the target device and other devices on board without electrical connection, can use standard algorithm). User board design cannot meet the requirements of standard algorithms or users have special needs; unique algorithms need to be customised, software needs to charge at discretion.
    Application of SUPERPRO/IS02 Online chip Programmer:
  28. On-line testing and debugging of R&D applications.
  29. mass production. PCB patches are burned online after assembly. In one application example, the finished product written into different serial numbers.
  30. Field application. IS02 for portable, offline operation and mobile storage is very suitable for the field.
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