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Original TL866II plus PIC BIOS Universal Programmer

  • Feature:High-speed programming Small size, high density, low power consumption, high performance, a comprehensive programmer that is hot
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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TL866 programmer highlights the advantages

  1. Support one computer with four programmers to program at the same time.
  2. Small size, high density, low power consumption, high performance, a comprehensive Original TL866II plus PIC BIOS Universal Programmer that is hot.
  3. All chips do not need an external power supply, and their low power consumption ensures that the USB port can provide enough power.
  4. The best internal 40-pin overvoltage protection, the strongest VPP, VCC four-level overcurrent protection. Doing a short circuit does not reset the PC or the programmer.
  5. Wide range of chip 13000+ support, support for serial series, parallel series 40/44/48PIN large capacity FLASH.
  6. Unique serial programming ICSP interface, supporting serial download and high-speed parallel high-voltage programming. Note: The TL866CS does not support ICSP interface programming.
  7. Test 74/54 CMOS4000 series integrated circuits. Can be located to the door circuit error.
  8. The chip serial number function is the most complete and practical.
  9. Initially support AVR microcontroller with internal RC correction byte Calibration for chip mass production operation. The brute-forced software cannot be run directly on another chip of the same model.

★High-speed programming
Built-in high-performance, high-capacity USB interface microcontroller, communication speed 12Mbps, with (for each chip) well-designed programming algorithms and USB high-speed communication. Probably the fastest one of the integrated development programmers, which is already in line with the needs of small batch rapid production. Compared with similar products: this machine chip programming speed is several times or even ten times or more. 4Mbits parallel FLASH ROM, programmer programming (erasing, writing, verifying total time) only takes about 36 seconds; TL866 can only read and write 32MB TE28F320 requires 32 + 79 seconds. And most parallel FLASH chip programming check at the same time found errors Programming can terminate immediately: reading and writing 8Mbits serial port 25P80 takes only 12 seconds (read) + 18 seconds (write) time. The 64MB chip can be as fast as 96 seconds + 160 seconds. It Supports large capacity 25 series chips in common 8PIN and 16PIN packages. The same computer can connect to 4 programmers for mass production.

★Unique ultra-low power consumption
The entire programmer uses ultra-low-power chips and powered by a USB interface. The first integrated programmer that does not require an external power supply for all chip programming. The measured power consumption is less than 20mA, (7mA when not programming, the maximum power consumption is 5mA for each LED power indicator, and each component is designed to work in the micro power state by default.), power loss rate during programming Less than 20%. Enables the programmer to provide superior VCC VPP programming current through the USB interface. It gives enough programming power for all programmable chips (up to 2 watts of programmed power output, and it is impossible for a chip to require 2 watts of power programming). And even if the programmer continuously programs the IC for a long time, you can hardly feel the programmer has heat.

★Super portable performance
The smallest in volume in the world, the size of the outer dimensions is 10cm6cm2.5cm, only the size of the driver’s license. Also, due to the ultra-low power consumption, the external power supply is genuinely eliminated, and the portable performance is superior.

Programmed programming power supply
The VPP and VCC programming voltages are independently programmed, with programmable VCC from 3.3V to 6.5V and VPP from 3.3V to 21V. The power supply is multi-stage LC filtered with minimal ripple.

★The best overvoltage and overcurrent protection
The programmer VCC VPP power supply has independent 3-level over-current protection inside, and the first-level software automatically cuts off the power supply protection. VPP overvoltage protection provides for each 40P programming socket pin. It effectively prevents the external pin from being short-circuited by the wrong chip or other reasons. During programming, the VPP high voltage 窜 returns to the inside of the programmer and damages the programmer. Any external worst-case short circuit will not damage the programmer and protect the programmed chip most effectively.
When a short time occurs, the programmer turns off the programming power supply VPP and VCC at 100us and sends a message to the application. Due to the multi-stage overcurrent protection, the programmer and PC will never reset when shorted.

40PIN universal pin
Among the 40PIN quasi-universal pins, the most versatile one. When all the chips are programmed, no chip needs to be shifted or turned, the chip unified forward, and the programming socket handles place in the direction of PIN1, which is more in line with the design habits of the designer.

Super upgrade function
Built-in hardware firmware upgrade function, programming timing completely controlled by the microcontroller firmware. It can guarantee the update of your programmer firmware FLASH and application software. Upgrade to download the upgrade program via the Internet and upgrade yourself.

★ chip serial number secondary development function
The programmer has built-in multiple automatic numbering functions. You can use a custom algorithm to implement arbitrary serial numbers through the DLL dynamic library. This feature allows you to generate a unique identification message for each chip during mass production. The logo can also be encrypted with a custom algorithm to protect your product rights more effectively.

★Unique universal serial programming interface ICSP
The programmer also has an ICSP serial programming port while programming through the 40PIN universal socket. For chips that can be serially programmed in-circuit, you can select the ICSP interface to program the MCU on the target board, the wiring method of the ICSP port, and the HD picture prompt in the program. Makes it easy to update the chip that has solder on the board. (Special version of the TL866CS programmer limits the use of this feature)
Note: ICSP now supports ATMEL89S51, 52, ATMEGAxxx AVR full range and MICROCHIP PIC10Fxxx 12Fxxx 16Fxxx 18Fxxx full range, Xinmao SYNCMOS SM59Dxx/SM59Rxx full range of chips for online serial programming. There are more and more microcontrollers that support online serial programming. The six lines of the ICSP of this programmer, except for one ground line GND, lead to the full-featured I2C, SPI and UART serial bus, suitable for various serial communication. And each line can give VCC, VPP or GND of super high current.

★Superior performance 54/74F/LS/HC CMOS4000 series integrated circuit comprehensive function test
The first development programmer that can test common logic ICs, test errors that can be located to logic gates, and test any possible input combinations of integrated circuits.

Programmer self-test function
The programmer can self-check the VPP VDD GND and input and output signals of each pin, and internally short-circuit the VPP and VCC overcurrents (while adding a VPP VCC and GND to a PIN pin for a steady current short circuit). Check operation.

★AVR MCU one-to-one soft encryption
The AVR microcontroller has an RC Calibration (correction byte). One byte of this byte value may be the same and cannot be modified. The MCU software can read the cost, and determine the cost to determine whether the code used on another chip. The custom encryption algorithm can make the brute force cracker unable to use it directly. If the encryption algorithm is complicated enough, it is not easy to believe that it is necessary to crack. But “encryption” poses a problem for developers. Each chip is different. If the algorithm is involved, it is impossible to compile the original code one by one manually. The programmer can automatically read in the RC byte before programming. The developer can get the value of the byte in the DLL dynamic function, and then automatically calculate the encrypted data into the memory according to the amount according to your requirements. Mass production. (The installation package contains an example of ATMEGA8 detailed encryption for reference)

★Uniform and convenient operation interface
The operation interface has been carefully designed to fully comply with the operating habits of the Windows series of software, built-in binary editor, comparable to professional pure editing software. It can directly read and write the BIN file, HEX file, JED and other format files. A complete and practical engineering model makes batch production more convenient and safe.

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