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Wellon Universal Batch programming Programmer GP201

  • Feature:The Universal Programmer GP201 supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit) operating systems
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free shipping

The Universal Programmer GP201 supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit) operating systems. Loading, editing, and saving files are incredibly convenient. It Supports tens of thousands of programmable devices such as PLD, E(E)PROM, FLASH, and MCU produced by dozens of manufacturers. TTL CMOS standard logic devices and memory can test. This programmer is suitable for electronic product development, batch burning of chips, mobile phones, computers, car repairs, etc.

Programmer hardware features
■ Dimensions: 16024252mm, net weight 1.23Kg;
■ Power specification: input AC 100-220V;
■ Standby current: <200 mA; operating current: 250-350mA;
■ The outer casing made of metal;
■ Dual working mode, support online mode (USB interface) and offline mode (local LCD, keyboard);
■ Offline programming, each programmer can use a built-in chip to store programming files, no need to connect to a computer, easy to carry to a variety of sites, flexible use.
■ Data security, using new encryption technology, the encrypted program data is stored in the built-in chip, effectively preventing data leakage
■ It supports Chinese and English interface;
■ It Supports a wide range of packages from 4 cores to 400 cores with adapter options.
■ 48-pin US imported locking socket.
■ The device algorithm completely implements by software, and the USB interface has an automatic online upgrade function to protect the user’s investment interests effectively.
■ There is a complete overcurrent protection circuit that will not damage the programmer due to short circuit of the chip.
■ Built-in high-speed microcontroller to automatically verify data to ensure system reliability.
■ High-speed programming, burning P89C58, erase + check empty + programming + verification + encryption, only 3.4 seconds.

Programmer software features
■ Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian 10 languages.
■ The chip data is extremely detailed, including package drawings, chip model nomenclature and adapter data.
■ The manufacturer logo is provided in the chip selection to help users find the chip more clearly and quickly.
■ Chinese and English online help system for user convenience.
■ The maximum capacity of the supported IC is 4000Mbit (for example: K9F4G08Q0M).
■ The file format is automatically recognized.
■ Automatically detect functions such as chip insertion, wrong insertion, poor pin contact, an internal short-circuit of the chip.
■ It has an automatic programming function after setting chip contact reliability, which is convenient for mass production.
■ The programming parameters can be modified to determine the programming parameters according to the specific conditions of the chip.
■ Automatic identification of memory manufacturers and models.
■ The chip serial number automatically add.
■ Select the manufacturer’s two-way selection method according to the manufacturer’s choice of model or according to the model and automatically search for the selected device.
■ Fast buffer edit modification, block copy, block fill, high and low byte swap, string search and more.
■ Provide flexible file and cache management capabilities. File loading memory can automatically clear, multi-file splicing and loading.
■ Supported file formats: JEDEC, BINARY, MOTOROLA, TEKTRONIX, INTEL, HOLTEK, EMC (.CDS), INTEL HEX16 format.
■ It Supports automatic separation of data files in byte (BYTE), word (WORD), and double word (DOUBLE WORD) formats.
■ Tests TTL CMOS standard logic devices and memory. The model number of the usual logic device can be automatically determined.
■ The included test vector editor provides a test library structure that is open to the user, allowing users to add test devices themselves.
■ Perfect self-test function to ensure the hardware is in good condition. The programmer function can detect.

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