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Wellon high-speed ISP programmer ISP208

  • Feature:It is a one-to-eight ISP programmer with high reliability, fast speed, high performance-price ratio,
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
  • Shipping:Free DHL/FEDEX/EMS...

It is a one-to-eight ISP programmer with high reliability, fast speed, high performance-price ratio and offline mass production mode. Integrated menu ISP208 interface, supporting ten languages. Support for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8 (32/64 bit) operating system.

It supports tens of thousands of serial programmable devices supporting JTAG, SPI, I2C and other protocols produced by dozens of manufacturers. It is not necessary to solder the chip from the board during programming, which is convenient to use. Suitable for batch burning cores of electronic products. Up to eight chips can program at the same time.

The company selects five devices with different capacities and different packages of the same algorithm. In the future, when new methods need to add, new algorithms will be purchased to save users’ initial investment.

This programmer supports all ISP200 devices. When programming a small number of chips, it can program in an MCU, without the need to purchase a new algorithm to save user investment.

Programmer hardware features
■ Dimensions: 21916934mm, net weight: 580g;
■ Power Specifications: Input AC 100-220V
■ Standby current: <200 mA; operating current: 250-350mA
■ Dual working mode, online support mode (USB interface) and offline mode (local LCD, keyboard)
■ Offline programming, each programmer can use a built-in chip to store programming files, no need to connect to a computer, easy to carry to a variety of sites, flexible use.
■ It supports LCD and Chinese English.
■ Data security, using new encryption technology, the encrypted program data is stored in the built-in chip, effectively preventing data leakage
■ USB2.0 interface, download speed is fast.
■ The device algorithm completely implements by software, and the USB interface has an automatic online upgrade function to protect the user’s investment interests effectively.
■ There is a complete overcurrent protection circuit that will not damage the programmer due to short circuit of the chip.
■ Built-in high-speed microcontroller to automatically verify data to ensure system reliability. Up to eight chips can program at the same time.

Programmer software features
■ Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, Dutch, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian ten languages.
■ The chip data is extremely detailed, including package drawings, chip model nomenclature and adapter data.
■ The manufacturer logo is provided in the chip selection to help users find the chip more clearly and quickly.
■ Chinese and English online help system for user convenience.
■ The file format is automatically recognised.
■ The programming parameters can be modified to determine the programming parameters according to the specific conditions of the chip.
■ Counting chips that have successfully programme. Reset the count value while offline.
■ The programmer can pre-install up to 64 project files.
■You can set the access password to ensure the security of user data.
■ The device selected with “Offline Mode” selected when the method as a tool that can be programmed for download and can download to the programmer. Otherwise, it is a device that can only program with a single device. Use only the bottom download line for unique device programming.

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