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Xeltek online ISP High-speed superpro IS01 programmer

  • Feature:New support chips need authorization.Essential Performance of SUPERPRO/IS01 Online chip Programmer IS01 is a professional multi-functional on-line programmer
  • Price:It saves 10% to 15% more than amazon, ebay, aliexpress etc.
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Until now supports 166 manufacturers and 9474 programmable devices.
* New support chips need authorization.
Essential Performance of SUPERPRO/IS01 Online chip Programmer
IS01 is a professional multi-functional on-line programmer, relying on Xeltek’s powerful device algorithm library. Supporting almost all kinds of programmable devices of serial protocols, small size, fast speed, high reliability. To meet the long-line driving ability of industrial applications; DLL/API supports the integration of users with ICT/ATE and other devices, constituting an integrated circuit board ICT/ATE+ISP or other secondary development; through USB 2.0 or A. TE interface for on-line operation; with the help of SD card, LCD, keyboard and other local equipment for off-line operation.

2. Breakneck programming speed and speed can be selected to adapt to cable length and load characteristics of the user board.
3. It supports both online (USB2.0 high-speed) and offline modes of operation. The standard ATE interface facilitates the process of external ATE devices.
4. Support most ISP protocols, such as I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, CAN, ICC, RS232, etc. Based on the powerful device algorithm library of Superpro universal programmer, almost all serial devices including MCU, serial EEPROM/FLASH, CPLD and so on support.
5. Reliable over-current and ESD protection functions.
6. Perfect API and DLL facilitate secondary development and system integration.

7. The stable and reliable design makes it suitable for various applications, such as integrated ISP function of ICT equipment, research and development, and field programming.

spis01 chip programmer

is01_pcb1 programmer

  SUPERPRO/IS01 hardware functions:

ISP cables provide most serial protocol interfaces.
_Supports target system with the main voltage of 1.5V to 5V, which can supply power for the low power target system.
_Long-line drive circuit ensures that the maximum cable length is up to 2 meters and the clock frequency is 20 MHz.
Equipped with ESD protection.
_USB (2.0 high speed) interface communicates with the host computer.
The LCD LCD, 6-key keyboard, LED status display.
SD card stores engineering files (up to 16GB). The number of engineering files stored is limited by the size of all engineering files and the capacity of the SD card.
_Standard ATE interface, external level signal selection engineering documents control operation and obtain operation status. The external signal and the system are all separated by an optocoupler.
_12VDC/2A system external power input.
The fixture close detection circuit. When the fixture use, the detection line is used to start the programming operation when the fixture closes automatically.

SUPERPRO/IS01 programmer software functions:

It has a vast library of device algorithms and supports almost all serial chips including MCU, serial EEPROM/FLASH, CPLD and so on. Support protocols include but are not limited to I2C, SPI, UART, BDM, MON, MW, JTAG, LIN, CAN, RS232, CSI (NEC), SCC (Fujitsu), SBW (TI), ICC (ST), C2 (Silicon Lab), etc.
Support SPI, I2C, JTAG bus multi-device programming (engineering group concept).
JAM, Staple and Direct C files supporting CPLD.
_Very fast programming speed and the speed can be selected (middle, low and three grades) to adapt to different cable lengths and load characteristics of user board
Support dynamic buffer function (each chip burns different content, application examples include a serial number, MAC address, sensor calibration, etc.), modify the open interface.
SD card engineering documents support FAT32, FAT16 format, and can manage by the card reader.
Perfect data security and protection functions: project file encryption.SD card encryption, output restriction, authority management, etc.
Perfect DLL / API for secondary development and system integration (need authorization). Typical applications such as ICT integrated ISP. DLL supports VC, VB, LINUX, Labview and other environments.
Powerful log management function records each operation and results as well as stage statistics, providing a sharp tool for quality management.
Through the USB HUB, up to 12 programmers can be controlled to work at the same time.
Flexible, personalized customization service. Successful cases: barcode gun management project and operation. Barcode gun compelling read barcode, automatically write barcode to the designated address of the chip and log file. Communicate with another device, dynamically read MAC address or sensor calibration value to correspond to the IC; set output in engineering documents, and hand SD card containing engineering documents to a third party to operate, to achieve automatic loss of engineering documents after setting output. Effectiveness. Suitable for the scheme supplier that collects copyright fee by production.
Standard device algorithm upgrades free of charge (user target board is designed strictly according to ISP requirements.ISP interface of the target device don’t connect with other devices on board so that the standard algorithm can use). User board design cannot meet the requirements of standard algorithms or users have special needs, unique algorithms need to be customized, software needs to charge at discretion.


Application of SUPERPRO/IS01 Online chip Programmer:

Online testing and debugging of R&D applications.
It supported online batch programming and write after the PCB patch assemble.
Field application, portable IS01 is very suitable for field testing, maintenance, and data acquisition.
_High-level field applications integrated automatic up/down board machine, seamless docking PCB board burning, Sirte can provide a complete solution.
OEM components. IS01 provides a friendly software and hardware user interface, which users can easily integrate into their application system. Typical applications are ICT (on-line tester) integrated ISP. By combining IS01, testing and programming can be carried out simultaneously, which significantly improves work efficiency.

 How can the program solve the problem of multiple chips on a PCB? Two cases. First, the chips on PCB  link by JTAG chains or cascades such as I2C. If the same serial protocol use, an IS01 can use The disadvantage is that the programming time increases with the increase of the number of chips. Time-cost-sensitive projects don’t recommend; secondly, a PCB has multiple IC, different models and files, or a large PCB has several pieces of the same small PCB patchwork. Chips and data are the same. At this time, the same number of IS01 can select according to the number of IC. They connect to a PC control through a USB HUB — many chips program at the same time with high efficiency.
What is the function of ATE interface? If your control host does not have a USB interface. ATE interface can use for control. ATE interface can complete the control functions of project file selection, start, stop and result from feedback through the simple level signal. Engineering documents must download to SD in advance. See user manual for details.
What are the limitations on ISP cable length? IS01 has an excellent cable driving circuit, which can ensure the stable operation of long cable and high frequency. However, it is still subject to the design of the user’s PCB and the characteristics of the target chip. If the load, especially the capacitive or inductive load, is too large, the choice must make between reducing the length of the cable and reducing the working frequency. IS01 software has three working frequencies, high/medium/low, for users to choose conveniently according to the actual situation without reducing the cable length.
Does it take a lot of work to integrate IS01 into my ICT? Very relaxed. We will provide various application-level APIs or DLLs and even command-line commands for super terminals. Our FAE will help you complete your work.
Can I complete all of my device programming work by IS01 standard device algorithm software? Generally speaking, no, unless you are very proficient in ISP programming requirements for hardware design, the circuit design is entirely in line with ISP specifications. User boards generally have their particularities, which typically require us to provide special algorithm software. In this process, you are usually required to submit a template or circuit ISP related local schematic diagram.
To adopt ISP, what should be paid attention to in the design of the user board circuit?
The pins used by ISP must lead to the ISP socket or test point. These signal points must be disconnected or effectively isolated from the output of other circuits.
The user board generally provides _vcc; users need to ensure that it meets the level of ISP requirements. The low power board can provide by IS01; IS01 provides the Vpp, and the user must extract it.
_ISP functional lead link load should not be the too large, especially capacitive and inductive load.
Usually, when the device is programmed, the current drawn from Vcc is larger than the current drawn from Vcc when it usually works, so the Vcc power must be enough in the design of user board.
Device programming has higher requirements for circuit noise. Interference sources such as high-power switching devices should be far away from the programmable devices and their ISP signal links.
If there are RESET or Watchdog devices in the circuit, they may conflict with ISP. They should be carefully dealt with when designing. You can refer to the relevant reference designs in the user’s manual or consult us.
Some devices can be ISP, but the premise is that the Boot Loader Code has downloadin advance. While downloading Boot Loader Code online will require pins other than those required for normal ISP, so these additional pins must also be introduced and we recommend that you consult us.
Some devices will completely lose ISP function after some operations, such as encryption. Risks should be understood when applying.

Specification parameters:

is01 chip programmer

Device support:
_Packaging support:
On-line Communication Interface: USB2.0 ATE
Offline mode: support offline operation
Power specification: input AC 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output DC 12V/2A power consumption: -W
Main engine size: 137*87*47 mm; weight: 0.330 kg
Packing Size: – mm; Packing Gross Weight: – kg
Standard configuration:
Host, power supply, USB cable, ISP cable, the electronic version of a user manual, software CD-ROM and warranty card.
Selection: SD Card

The IC adapter and IC socket are wearable and not guaranteed within one year from the date of purchase.
Online Technical Support or Telephone Technical Consulting;

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