SUPERPRO/6100N High Speed Programmers

What are the characteristics of SP6100n?

As of today, it supports 408 manufacturers and 103545 programmable devices.
From June 1, 2020 (calculated from the date of receipt of the order), sp6100n and sp6104n will not be shipped with dip48 locking socket as standard
The difference between sp6100n and sp6100 is that N series better optimizes the signal circuit. At present, both sp6100 and sp6104 series are with n version.
SuperPro / 6100n intelligent high-speed programmer / burner / writer, the burning speed is up to 30% higher than that of SuperPro 5000, which is suitable for users with extremely sensitive production capacity;
Support up to 256 Gbytes file burning;
144 pin universal drive circuit. Only one adapter is required for different types of chips in the same package within 144 pins. Universal adapters ensure fast new device support.
Directly support various voltage devices from 1.2V to 5V.
The more advanced waveform driving circuit ensures a high success rate of burning and writing. With the algorithm certified by IC manufacturers, both low-voltage devices, second-hand devices and low-quality devices can ensure a high programming yield. High and low dual voltage verification can be selected for programming results to ensure lasting and stable results.
In online mode, PC controls programmer / burner / writer through USB2.0 port (high speed), which is convenient for debugging and suitable for R & D; In the offline mode, the programmer / burner / burner relies on its own CPU, LCD display and removable memory (standard CF card) to operate independently from the PC. It is convenient to operate and easy to expand. It is most suitable for mass production in the factory. The CF card can store up to 100 project files according to its capacity.
Automatically detect chip misinsertion and poor pin contact to avoid damaging the device.
Perfect overcurrent protection function to avoid damaging the programmer.
Rich software functions simplify operation, improve efficiency, avoid mistakes and take great care of users. The project saves the user’s various operations and settings about the object device, including device model setting, transfer in of burning file, setting of configuration bit, batch command, etc. in the project file. Each time it runs, it enters the chip writing operation step by step to effectively reduce the probability of misoperation. Password can be set for engineering documents to prevent data leakage. Batch processing (auto) command allows users to organize common command sequences such as erasure, blank checking, programming, verification and encryption into a single command in one step. In mass production mode, once the chip is correctly inserted into the socket, the CPU will automatically start the batch command without manual pressing. Standard serial number generation and insertion function, and can accept user customized special serial number generator. Log files facilitate quality tracking.
Support Windows XP / Vista / win7 / win8 / win10 operating system.


How about device updates?

Xeltek irregularly adds programming support for new devices and updates software on the Internet;
Check the latest device support list;
Users can download the latest software directly from the Internet for free

How to guarantee the quality of sp6100N?

Warranty with invoice within one year from the date of purchase; Adapters and sockets are vulnerable consumables and are not warranted;
Online technical support or telephone technical consultation;

What are the specifications of sp6100n:

Device support: EPROM, paged EPROM, parallel and Serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration, serial prom, flash memory (nor and NAND), bprom, NVRAM, SpLD, CPLD, EPLD, firmware hub, MCU, etc. the working voltage of the device is 1.2-5v.
Package support: dip, sdip, PLCC, jlcc, SOIC, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, vqfp, TSOP, SOP, tsopii, PSOP, tssop, son, EBGA, FBGA, VFBGA, ubga, CSP, SCSP
Online communication interface: USB2.0
Offline mode: supports offline operation
Power supply specification: input AC 100-240V; Output 12V / 2A power consumption: 15W
Host size: 216 * 148 * 94mm; Weight: 1.6kg
Package size: 301 * 252 * 145 mm; Gross packing weight: 2.8kg

What are the SP6100N standard configurations?

One host, one power supply, one USB2.0 cable, one software CD (electronic version of user manual) and one warranty card.
Optional: adapter, CF card
From June 1, 2020 (calculated from the date of receipt of the order), sp6100n and sp6104n will not be shipped with dip48 locking socket as standard.


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